Day 9: A Tale of Two Kysas

It was the worst of times. Back in the late 1980s, the Douglas family had nearly lost their little boy to serious illness. They credit the competent and loving care of Kysa Olson for helping to save his life. So grateful were they that they named their third child after this St. Mary’s nurse.

Fast forward more than two decades. Baby Kysa had grown up to be a nurse herself. At St. Mary’s no less. During her first day on the floor in Family Care Suites, she noticed her name on a duty board and asked what was expected of her. When she learned that another nurse named Kysa works here, she told her colleagues how she got her name.

Mouths dropped. Because Kysa Olson has worked at St. Mary’s since 1975, she simply had to be the same Kysa after whom the new nurse is named.

A reunion ensued and 22-year-old photos of the two were dug out of memory boxes.

The two Kysas are joined again by virtue of their professions. Kysa Olson now works in Care Management and is assigned to Family Care Suites, where Kysa (Douglas) Bigler works caring for newborns … not unlike where the story began.


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